Monday, September 29, 2008

The Terror begins Tuesday October 14th

Welcome to Tiffany Colter's Fiction!

I hope you will enjoy this FREE, FULL-Length novel "A Face in the Shadow". This unpublished novel won the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense in 2007 in the unpublished inspirational division.

This was the third full manuscript that I wrote and it was the one that turned my writing career around. I've decided post it up here IN ITS ENTIRETY. Each week I will post two chapters until the entire book is up. The best way to read this is to subscribe to this blog. If you subscribe the entire chapter will be emailed to you as I post it. You will not have to link through or scroll through.

Periodically I'll open comments for discussion but I don't expect comments. This is for you to read and enjoy. I will occasionally post updates on my writing and speaking. I hope some of you will come to the events where I'm speaking so I can meet each of you.

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So what is this book about, read the back cover copy below.

Is her life finally falling into place or about to fall apart?

On the edge of happiness there is a face in the shadow.

Someone is killing young women in Woodhaven. And now he has his eyes on Rachel.

Rachel is a woman wise in the ways of the world and confident in her own abilities. She has a take charge attitude and ambition on overdrive. If only she was as wise in affairs of the heart. Thanks to her mom’s matchmaking two men pull her in different directions.

Drew is handsome, charming and successful. He doesn’t want to change Rachel but loves her for who she is.

Curtis is down to earth with boyish charm. He is determined to win Rachel and show her love isn’t about proving who you are but rather being who you are.

When Rachel begins to receive tokens associated with the Fratboy Killer she starts questioning everything she has believed about life and the hereafter. One Rose at a time the Fratboy is drawing closer to a meeting and the culmination of his fantasies. Will Rachel find out in time who he is?

Or will she too pay the price for Alpha Mu Epsilon?

Copyright Tiffany Colter 2007. All rights reserved.

For permission to reprint this project in part or in whole contact Tiffany through her website