Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Face in the Shadow Part 1 Chapter 3


“Mrs. Nylski I’m going to throw these roses out for you.”

“Thank you Logan. You were such a dear to bring them over in the first place. Made the house smell so sweet.”

“When I saw them I had to get them for my favorite lady.”

He pulled the dozen mixed roses out of the vase on the small end table and threw them into her trash can. Mrs. Nylski pushed her walker slowly into the front room of her small condominium. The woman was nearly ninety. She’d deserved much better than this teeny place her stingy son had arranged for her.

Logan washed the vase out and put it back in the cupboard. The red haired angel had been all he’d hoped for. Once she was subdued he’d given her the rose, her rose. She was now beautifully frozen in time. Her body would never be tattered by the ravages of time. A perfect pure rose.

“Logan, could you bring me a glass of water when you come out.”

“Certainly, Mrs. Nylski.”

Alpha Mu Epsilon.

She had to be lovely when they found her. For them to understand why he loved her, had to have her.

Logan filled a glass of water for Mrs. Nylski and took it in the other room.

“You need anything else before I go?”

“Did you feed Sammy?” She stroked her ten year old toy poodle with a skinny wrinkled hand. Purple lines crisscrossed thin bones that moved with her fingers.

“Food is in his bowl along with fresh water.” The dog closed his eyes and drifted off on the old woman’s lap.

“Thank you, I’m sure I’ll be fine now.”

“I’ll see you again tomorrow Mrs. Nylski.”

“Thank you, Logan.”

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