Friday, December 5, 2008

A Face in the Shadow Part 1 Chapter 14


This house was far better than the one her mom found for her. The exterior was red brick with delicate gingerbread work in the peaks along the roof. It was quaint with white accents around the house and a white painted porch.

“Do you think the swing stays?” Rachel pointed to the porch as she spoke.

“If not I know someone who can make you a nice one.” Shannon said then unbuckled her seatbelt.

They stepped around the car and looked up at the house from the sidewalk. The lawn was plush green without a single visible dandelion. Small purple and pink flowers lined the walk, wonder if it was Drew’s doing? The yard was large for the neighborhood, even though the houses in the neighborhood were considerably large.

“What do you think Shannon?”

“Rachel, good to see you again.” Drew came around from the back of the house. He motioned back. “I think you’ll really like this home.”

Shannon bumped Rachel with her arm. “It’s nice so far. This is my business partner Shannon.”

“Nice to meet you.” Drew shook her hand and returned to Rachel. “Would you like to see the inside?”

He stepped back and allowed them to pass. She stepped in the front door. No bizarre smells greeted her this time. The walls of the house were decorated in tans and browns but accented with white trim and dark furnishings. The carpet was plush and white.

Drew stepped beside her. “A young couple has lived here for the last four years.” They redecorated a year ago and are moving for a new job. Drew stepped in to the dining room “The floors are natural hardwood and were redone a year ago as well.”

She could see herself in this house. She walked past Drew in to the kitchen. It was small with lots of cupboards. Pots and pans hung from the ceiling over a tiled island. The afternoon sun filtered in through the western windows and splashed little rainbows from the decorative window across the counter.

Shannon’s feet clanked across the ceramic tile. “Rachel, you going to ask him out?”

“Wasn’t planning on it now. Did you see these cupboards?” Rachel ran her hand over the blond wood. “I’ve never seen a place quite like this.”

“It’s nice but I can’t see you living here.”

“Why not?”

“A little too Ozzie and Harriet.”

“It is not.” Rachel laughed and looked under the sink.

“Look at that Rachel. They’re neat freaks like you.”

Rachel had to laugh at the cleaning supplies in neat rows under the sink. “At least I’m not the only one on this planet who likes things nice.”

“Have they ever used this sink?”

“Oh stop.” Rachel stood and gently closed the cupboard doors.

“Go ask him out.” Shannon poked Rachel’s arm as she spoke.

“I dunno-.”

Shannon sighed and walked to the other room.

“Would you ladies like to see the upstairs?”

Rachel nodded and followed Drew up the narrow steps to the second floor. There were two small bedrooms and a bathroom to the right and the master bedroom to the left. She stood at the top of the steps and looked in to each room. The master bedroom was cramped and narrow. The queen sized bed took most of the space.

She walked back down. “Upstairs is kinda small.”

“Drew.” Shannon called up the steps. “How would you like to ask my friend Rachel out on a date?”

Rachel spun around. “Shannon-.”

“Well I thought that-.” Drew stammered.

“Drew, I’m sorry. Shannon can be a bit-.”

“So what do you think?” Shannon smiled. “Two successful people meeting to discuss life and business? You know my friend is very attracted to you.”

Rachel’s face burned red. This level of embarrassment was usually reserved for when her mom was with her. Drew looked between the two women and back to Rachel. The mood turned awkward. Shannon still smiled looking between Rachel and Curtis.

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