Friday, March 13, 2009

A Face in the Shadow Part 2 Chapter 19

Logan stood across the street hidden by a large oak tree. Rachel was standing on her front porch looking at the rose he had placed there. He smiled with satisfaction. She was completely surprised.
“I know there’s another man, Rachel.” He whispered. He watched her step slowly on to the porch and pick up the rose and take it in the house. “Do you think you can leave me? You are mine, Rachel.” He watched her pull the blinds closed on her front windows. His smile widened. She got the message.
Normally she’d have to be punished for her betrayal tonight but he knew she’d make it right when they were together. She knew she belonged to him now. Every ounce of manhood within him screamed out to charge in the house right now, don’t wait.
“No.” He hissed. Patience. Love, patience and long-suffering. Slowly. He had to follow the plan. She had the message now. She would think twice before betraying him again.

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