Friday, June 19, 2009

A Face in the Shadow Part 2 Chapter 27


Logan hung up with Rachel and slammed his phone down. Thankfully it hit a cushion and bounced.

“Who does she think she is, talking to me like that?” He paced from one side of the room to the other. “She doesn’t know who she is dealing with here. I don’t put up with disrespectful women.” His voice echoed in the empty house. He walked to the bookshelf and stared directly at the 8 x 10 of Rachel in the frame.

“I could have any woman I want but I chose you. You were the one, the perfect one.” His jaw was tight. His teeth were pressed so tight together his head throbbed.

“And you would dare to speak to me in that way?” He slammed his fist on the table as he walked past. Pain surged up through his wrist in to his arm. He yelled out a foul word then rubbed his wrist. “Who do you think you are speaking to me like that Rachel?” He said again wagging his finger at her picture. “We’ll get that spunk out of you right away. You’ll learn submission to me.”

He lifted her photo and set it on the floor by his feet. “You’ll learn to submit.” He kicked the picture over with the side of his foot and went to the bouquet of roses in the kitchen. It was time to contact her again. Leave another message to her, let her know he was close. He pulled out the white one and tied it with a ribbon. The roses fragrance wafted up and desire overwhelmed him. The anger drained from his body and all that remained was the need to be one with Rachel. He walked back to the other room and bent down to the photo on the floor.

“I’m sorry, Beautiful.” He lifted the photo, wiped the glass and placed it back on the bookshelf. “I didn’t mean it. I get angry sometimes. Don’t worry. I’m not really like that.”

“I have a flower for you. It’s a rose. You know what that means? We are one step closer to being together.” He inhaled the rose’s fragrance again then laid it down in front of her photo. “You’re right. I do need to learn a bit more patience. I’m working on it.” He smiled at the photo. “I shouldn’t be so hard on you. You’re just nervous about being in love.”

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