Friday, November 28, 2008

A Face in the Shadow Part 1 Chapter 12


“Shannon you would not believe this realtor at my mom’s this weekend.”

“That good or that bad?”

“Come on down to my office.” Shannon walked around cardboard filing boxes and an oversized coat rack. “When are you going to have someone take those to storage?”

“I’ll get to it. I’ve been busy.”

Shannon was always too busy to store the files. That was why she walked around boxes from two or three years ago and drove around town to meet with clients rather than put the boxes away and meet them in her office.

“Well, tell me all about him.” Shannon crossed one leg under the other and sat down in the chair across from Rachel.

“We walk in to this awful house. It stuck like rotten food and mold.”


“No joke. But I felt really bad for the guy. He didn’t seem to think the house was anything worth buying either.”

“Did he say that?”

“No. Well I guess he did put in the flowers out front to dress the place up.”

“He put in flowers?”

“Yes. Anyway, he was really nice but you know how sometimes you can tell someone is checking you out?” Rachel pulled out Drew’s card and pecked his homepage in her browser. His photo might be up on his website.

“Yes-.” Shannon’s voice was urgent. She scooted the chair closer to Rachel’s desk.

“Okay, I’m talking about what kind of house I’d really like to see and he’s writing on this note pad. Then real quick he gives me this card.” She gave the business card to Shannon.


“That’s what I thought.” She put the card in her wallet. ““See what happens when you lie about having a date. You miss out on hot guys.”

“Oh, so he is attractive.” Shannon leaned back in her chair.

“Didn’t I say that?”

“Not really.”

“Yes, very handsome. Athletic, dark eyes and hair and stylish. Looks live one of those GQ kind of guys.”

“GQ guys are usually shallow.”

“You know, he reminds me of that really hot teaching assistant in our 300 level economics class senior year.”

“Is he that cute?” Shannon’s eyes were wide.

“I think he is.” The website popped up. “Aw, his photo isn’t loading.” she pointed to the little icon that indicated a photo should have been there.

“Keep me posted then.” Shannon got up and walked back to her office. Rachel opened her email and started scrolling down deleting spam as she went. Her cell phone vibrated on her hip.


“Is this Rachel?”


“This is Jeremy Wright. Our cars met last Friday.”

“Oh yeah. Hello Jeremy.”

“Mail Truck.” Her computer announced. Rachel clicked it open.

“I was calling…see if you…body shops...”

“I’m sorry there’s a really bad connection. I haven’t found a body shop.”

“Okay, I’ll…better time…names.” The line went dead. She closed her phone and scanned the email she’d just opened from Drew. It included a link to view a number of properties. She opened it and five came on the screen. She clicked on each one but the first three were nothing she wanted to look in to. The fourth one looked promising. She picked up the phone and dialed Shannon’s extension.

“Shannon I found a house I want to look at. You want to go with me?”

“Of course.”

“All right. Email is sent. I told him to call me so we could schedule a time to look at it.”

“Try to avoid the weekend or you know your mom will have us stay.”

“I went to church with her this past weekend. That should pay me up for at least a month. Looking at her house should give me another month or two for credit.”

“Good. I’m free every night but Thursday. Let me know when he emails.”

“I will.”

“We still going to Panera Bread for lunch?”

“I was planning on it. We need to go at 11:30 if we want to be back in time for our conference call this afternoon.”

“Rachel you have a call on line two.” The receptionist called over the intercom.

“Who is it?”

“Drew, with Goldman Realty.”

“Thank you.”

“Gotta go Shannon.”

“Bye.” She switched over to Drew’s line.

“This is Rachel.”

“Hello Rachel, this is Drew at Goldman Realty.”

“Hello Drew.”

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