Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Face in the Shadow Part 1 Chapter 9


“It’s okay. Momma will be back soon.” Logan spoke quietly to Mrs. Nylski’s dog, Sammy. The dog was nearly senile according to the vet. The man wanted to murder the poor dog but Logan had insisted the dog be allowed to live out his days. It sickened him that people were so willing to kill a dog at the first sign of sickness.

“Dogs deserve better don’t they boy.” He carefully lifted the dog to his shoulder and rubbed him with his cheek.

“Oh now Sammy that boy’s gonna spoil you.” Mrs. Nylski said as she came back in the living room. “A man like you with so much love to give should have a family rather than passing your days with an old lady.”

Logan stood and gently set the dog on the couch so he could help Mrs. Nylski in to her chair. “I made you something for dinner. It’s in the oven so it stays warm.”

“A young man who cook-.”

“Careful-.” Logan helped lower her the last few inches then brought Sammy to sit on her lap.

“Thank you, dear.” She stroked Sammy while Logan positioned her walker so she could get back up when she needed to. “Why don’t you stay on and have supper with me this evening.”

“If you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. You don’t have a meeting with a young lady friend, do you?”

“No.” Jen’s smile popped in his head but he pushed it away. The pain of her betrayal still fresh. “I start my new job at the senior center next week.”


“Yes.” He picked up a bit of trash and tossed it in the waste basket. “I’m going to work two days a week there.”

“The one in Woodhaven?”

“That’s the one. If you’d like I could drive you over on days I work and you could spend the days with them.”

She smiled, her dentures loose in her mouth, then looked back down at the dog on her lap. “I don’t know. Sammy would get lonely.”

“Take’em along.” Logan scratched the little dog’s ears.

“I’ll set the table and we can eat now.”


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