Friday, July 3, 2009

A Face in the Shadow Part 2 Chapter 31


Logan lifted a ribbon off the bookshelf. Not many left, soon they’d be together. A surge of desire swelled inside. He looked at the open photo album on the table. Rachel on every page.

Whenever they spoke every bit of manhood inside fought to drive in to her house, not to wait. He had to discipline himself. He needed patience if he was going to do it right. She was battling within. She had two men fighting for her affections. The poor thing couldn’t know which way was right.

He would show her.

But now wasn’t the time. Everything had to be perfect. There were still ribbons on the shelf. He still had roses to be given. Win her slowly. Take her slowly.

It was the anticipation of the revelation that kept spice in relationships. Most often what isn’t said and what isn’t shown that keeps the relationship refreshing. She had to suspect by now it was him leaving the gifts for her. Who else could it be?

He smelled the bloom. Each one was sweeter than the last because it brought him one step closer to touching and loving his beautiful Rachel.

He walked to the picture of Rachel on the shelf that was on eye level. “Are you excited?” He asked it. “You have it figured out, don’t you?” A shiver ran down his body. “You’re playing along. I like that.” His voice was low and soft. It was the voice he was going to use when he stepped from the shadows and in to her life.


He was going to be her fantasy. They would be like a couple in a romance novel. He would be her dream man who would show her things she never realized she wanted or needed.

When they spoke now there was always a spark. They had a connection that continued to draw her to him. No matter how many times she wavered she always came back to him. She’d come back this time too.

She had hurt him with her rejection when they last spoke. Her voice was cold and she was distant. She was lucky he was a man who was committed to her. All was forgiven.

Alpha Mu Epsilon.

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