Friday, July 24, 2009

A Face in the Shadow Part 2 Chapter 37


The lock on her front door clicked. She was coming out. What luck. Both that he was going to watch her and that he made it to his hiding place in time. It would be very disappointing if she ruined the fun by finding out it was him too early.

She came out the door and right to the mailbox. Heat surged through his body. Rachel going directly to his rose could only mean one thing. She was beginning to think like him. Their minds were meshing together as one. Like Adam and Eve, the first two perfect people.

“The symbol of our love.” Logan said so quietly he could only feel the vibrations in his throat. He was too close to say it any louder. Only twenty-five feet separated them at this moment. As if on cue Rachel snatched up the rose and flew in to her house.

“Yes, Rachel. It’s for you.” The branches moved in the breeze and he slid down into them to shield himself from the wind. In another couple of months this would no longer work as a hiding place. The branches would be too bare. He pulled a laminated photo out of his pocket. Much as he had tried to protect it the edges were bent and the plastic wasn’t as shiny as when he made it. So many nights of taking it out of his pocket and putting it back in. So they could be together always. Hers was the first face he saw in the morning and the last one at night.

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