Friday, July 17, 2009

A Face in the Shadow Part 2 Chapter 35


Logan pulled his car to the curb at the end of the block. Rachel’s house was halfway back along the street. She couldn’t see him from here. A large blue spruce tree blocked the view. He sat for a minute, thinking about Rachel, his lovely Rachel, just a short distance away. She’d be going about her evening ritual, not dreaming he was here. He climbed out of his car and walked down the street toward her house. The sky had darkened and the evening air was cool and damp. The scent of her perfume lingered in his nostrils. He’d bought her brand and smelled it whenever he was lonely for her touch.

He looked around at the dark splotches that blanketed the neighborhood. The shadows formed when the street lights hit the trees. The sun was gone. “It’s shadow time.” He whispered. He crossed the street and walked on the sidewalk opposite her house. Today was a special day for the two of them. They had passed the two-month mark. He deserved a pat on the back for patience and spending so much time with her, thinking about her but still unable to satisfy his inner hunger.

“That’s what Alpha Mu Epsilon is all about.” He reached down to pet the dog in the yard down the street from Rachel. He’d given the dog the name “Guardian” since he would alert Logan to danger and because the dog guarded Rachel’s house from across the street.

“I got something for you tonight boy.” He stuck his hand in his jacket. Guardian walked as close to him as he could stretch. He whimpered and strained against the chain. Logan remained just out of reach until he’d found the treat in his coat pocket.“There you go boy.” He gave Guardian a pig’s ear dog chew. Guardian grabbed it greedily and plopped down on the grass a few feet away and chewed on it. He was a smart dog. He almost never barked at Logan anymore when he came. “That should hold you until tomorrow.”

It was getting late. He scanned the sidewalks. They were clear so he walked down past her house, double-backed then to her sidewalk. He had to hurry so he wouldn’t get caught. That would take the fun out of their game. He looked around one more time and zipped up her porch steps, slid the rose in her mailbox then retreated to his usual hiding place.

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