Friday, October 16, 2009

A Face in the Shadow Part 3 Chapter 3


“Rachel. Don’t make me ask twice.”

He turned her around to face him.

“I-I love you.”

“And you want to marry me.” He squeezed her arm when he said it.

“And I want to marry you.” He was going to let her live. Hope surged for a fleeting moment then died when she considered the life he’d likely have her living.

He reached in his pocket but instead of pulling out a ring as she expected he pulled out a large knife from his pocket. He unfolded it and lifted the blade to her face.

“Let’s move things upstairs.” His breath made her recoil. His cologne was powerless against it. Rachel leaned back against the table. He responded by taking the blade down and cutting off one button from her blouse. Then a second and third. He stepped back and motioned to the steps with his head.

God if you really do exist please help me.

She turned and looked back. He lifted the blade and waved it towards the staircase that led to the upstairs. She went up the steps and at the top turned.

“Our room.”

He put his hand on her waist and led her down the hall to her bedroom. The clock on her nightstand only read five-thirty five. Deep sobs rose inside her. This morning had been the last time she’d see her parents, Shannon or Curtis.

I’m so sorry Curtis.

Jeremy led Rachel to the side of the bed and cut the rest of her buttons off before unbuttoning his own shirt.“I’ll be gentle with you beautiful.” He untucked his shirt and nodded his head to her blouse. She refused to move. If this was going to happen she wouldn’t help.“Are you a little shy?” His voice was gentle with her again. He leaned down and pressed his lips hard against hers and pushed her back on her bed. She tried to pull away but he grabbed the back of her head and held her still.

“Rachel, are you here.”

Jeremy stood up and turned to the voice coming from downstairs. “What is he doing here?”


Curtis was downstairs. From his voice she could hear him coming toward the steps leading upstairs.

Jeremy leaned in close. His breath was like death. “Don’t make me kill him on our special day.” He stood back up and put his finger to his lips. If she stayed quiet he would kill Curtis. Jeremy was never going to let her live apart from his sick twisted world.

“Rachel? Is everything okay?” Curtis sounded like he was at the top of the steps.

Jeremy would kill Rachel or Curtis.

God would make a way where there seemed to be no way.

“Curtis!” She screamed. Jeremy lunged for her and she dove from the bed. Curtis burst in the room.

“Run Rachel.” Curtis yelled.

She hesitated only an moment then ran out of the bedroom and down the steps. She pressed the panic button on her alarm and dialed 9-1-1.

She held her blouse closed with one hand and went for a knife. Her hands shook and she made her way quickly for the steps. Something shattered overhead and she could hear the struggle.

I think you might be real. If you are, please save Curtis too.

Before she was half way up the stairs someone pounded at the door. She turned and saw the blue and red lights flashing around her curtains. Something overhead crashed again and there were no more sounds of struggle.

She hesitated only a moment longer then ran to the front door and let the officer in.

“He’s upstairs. One is my boyfriend and the other is the Fratboy.”

The officer paused for a moment and looked at her then went up the steps.

“The bad guy doesn’t have his shirt on.” She screamed after him. Another officer ran in her front door. She called after him “The bad guy doesn’t have his shirt on.”

There were muffled yells. Then she heard the gunshot.

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