Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Face in the Shadow Part 3 Chapter 6


He stood just outside of the of the small lamp’s light. When she turned to face him it they would finally be ready. Slowly she put her arms down by her side and turned to him. She squinted her eyes at him.

“Are you happy to see me?”

She didn’t speak.

She shouldn’t make him speak twice. He wanted tonight to be gentle but he was willing to take what was his. “I said are you happy to see me?” He kept his voice low but his tone was firm.

“I can’t see you. That lamp is too dim.” Her voice cracked. She was afraid. Fear was good. He could work with that.

“Turn on the overhead light.”

She obeyed quickly and turned on the dining room light then turned to face him.


“Not who you expected?”


“I’ve known from the first moment you were her.” It hadn’t come out as eloquently as he’d hoped. The next thing he said would be better.

“What do you want?” She said, fear rattling her voice.

“The same thing you want…Us.”

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