Friday, October 2, 2009

A Face in the Shadow Part 3 Chapter 7


Rachel froze. Her breath caught in her throat and the hair rose on her skin.

“I knew you’d come.” He continued. His voice was deep and calm. He was behind her and the sound of his voice was moving closer.

She willed her feet to move. If she ran up the steps and locked the bedroom door she could drop out of the window. Her mind escaped but her body was powerless. She took shallow breaths.

His footsteps came down on the wood floor. He was less than six feet behind her and still she couldn’t move.

Why had she lied to Curtis?

“Rachel.” He whispered. “Turn around.”

She recognized that voice.

“Turn around.” He demanded. His sudden yell startled her and she jump. When she turned to face him all chance for escape was gone. In her mind she always imagined she would fight. She wouldn’t give in.

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